Simple to use and great for keeping air, water hoses and electric cables off the floor and out of the way. Can be hung anywhere there is a cable, no need for rebar to secure it to. They are rubber dipped for your safety. 

EZE Hanger



EZE Hanger

A quick attach temporary suspension support device. Simple, safe, strong.  Miner and electrician friendly! A time and money saver!

EZE Docker


EZE Docker

The EZE docker allows you to dock your boat anywhere there is a dock without having to hunt for cleats. The EZE docker is easy to use and can easily be removed. e their great stories to help turn potential customers into loyal ones.

Push Plate Hose Hanger


 Push Plate

Push plate can be installed anywhere there is rebar. They are rubber coated for hanging air and water hoses as well as electric cables.

They can be ordered any size.

Especially good in shot creted areas where there is only rebar to hang from.

Lockable "no go" sign



Safety First - movable, lockable, "no go" signs

DKR has developed lockable moveable “no go” signs to warn workers not to go beyond for safety reasons. Not only are these signs mobile, they have a locking feature that can be controlled by authorized personnel only.

EZE Plug




DKR Manufacturing Inc. is pleased to announce the introduction of its EZE PLUG, a new large diameter reusable blast hole plug which has wide use in hard rock mining drilled holes. The plug is installed in an unloaded drill hole to stop debris from getting into the hole and plugging it. The plug can be made to fit any size of hole.

The plug has a unique tensioning mechanism that differentiates it from other unloaded drill hole plug devices. This tension keeps the plug in place during concussion blasting. EZE PLUGS are easily removed prior to loading the hole.